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jueves, 12 de agosto de 2010

The Truth Behind The Eye

Broken sunset 
That I could die in one tear at time 
But now if I look deeply 
There is more than just the broken sunset 
And even more than my tears lost in the silence 
I can see deeply now 
Yeah looking deeply now 
Could I be so blind? 
Did not see it before 
But now it's so simple 
It's there, just waiting to be visible 
Blue sky 
Heaven, paradise coming through my eye 
I put my hands together 
Pray and read my letters 
I thank you God for everything 
And now I'm just smiling 
It's so simple 
Feel peace and love you more 
How could I be so blind? 
I felt my wings were broken 
But noticed I don’t need them to fly 
My love... 
Hope you can always see me thru my eyes 
This face is just a little part of me 
There is more deep inside 
Please forgive me I was so blind 
Feel peace this way 
Once again 
This is love, the killing kind 
But it makes me live like never did 
So it made me really to come back to life. 
My love... 
Thank you... then I just smile... 

Ana Lía Casvar 2010

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