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jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Carta a un EXTRAÑO IX (en inglés y español)

My Dear:

Red is not longer on my lips, but then it had come to my heart, blooming me around with pain... Yes! I made the stupid mistake... then I realized, felt like I was missing the life, giving up on this fire.

Dear, red is on my heart, I only wish I could know how. Now, the wind is getting colder even, weird, this October will come out with fantasy? I know you are in the same spot as me, middle of nowhere is here.

Agony is still somehow killing me.

Wine caving in my veins, my shire falling apart in so many ways, Mr. Frank was right, I found the way to write to you again, my lovely stranger friend, wherever you might be, I beg you, simply keep reading me, I have nothing else on these pockets than this dependency.

I wish I could have understood this better, but got nothing else ever. Senseless. I feel I am dancing the belly dance around him, my snake look is destroying him, am I just designated to be evil and just evil, dear? Even when my heart is just deeply in love and no one else has been ever able to feel me like this. Who knows? Who really knows my deep recess misery, I show you my hands here, cause they are empty but not clean.

Oh dear! December is coming in, I feel it, what to do with this nasty weather? Not only  mean here the rainy days of loneliness that Mr. G took away, but also this cold getting in my veins when he is just far away, so close but so far, is the same ... Contradiction has danced, dancing this time with... guess who... yes...with Mrs. Irony, oh big fantasy! Oh big mystery! Even more, oh big agony! Here we go...

If you knew dear, only if you knew, how much I feel on my days, no matter what came, lucky  me I have Fifi that only sweet smiles brings me, so I feel once again, that this world has not come to fight on me, or to win on me, no way!

Dark tears on emotional skills, I put my dark makeup today on my eyes, shadows ways, feeling powerful again, oh big power I use, to kill the eyes that I look, I know, it came out with my evil nature, only God knows about it because he was the one who made me like this.

I smile in here, that evil smile killing the stupid agony, no misery, I have come to win here, satisfaction filling me, drowning the vague vanity, my eyes are bright, burning with desire, in my soul I plan to bowl the love to him, darkly and lovely full of craziness I feel.

Sorry dear, I had my moment of mastery. Mr. G please forgive me that plenty misery, no longer in my entrails they will be.

Then dear, I have to say goodbye for now again, take care my friend! 

Coconut-skin, mastering here
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