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miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

Cherry Man

So here is a deal
that is no longer a deal
a broken path
a crap
you used to be bright
then turned into blue
you used to be right
now you don't have a clue
-Is it gray?-
I come to ask you
is it red?
Like blood inside you
Are you afraid?
I stick in you
with my vigor
I do not regret
to have come one day
to meet you
So I tell I like your smile
I like you are wild
So I remind you I like your hands
Yes boy all your ways
your acts
the quotes
the facts
So you became to be the force
against my stupid dark rat
Now the force has gone?
Where is it at?
I demand you reply
send a dagger
kill the bad inside
tell the hell
I'm the devil of the night
I want to save you
But now you have built your own wall
I cant get you
To reach is so far
But I remember man
You saved me first
I cant leave you there
So hold on
You are not alone
Besides whatever else.

Cherry girl

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