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sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011


Dear stranger:

Months went through so fast I couldn’t even feel them, it is kind of sad, I know… as much as I know that I have been in Neverland, when never means you never forget someone that put a knife in your heart. I am so sorry I am being this depressive, I did not mean to but life is just like it is. Someday I thought I had to go out to live and today I just know that I went out for dying, irony never goes.

I tell you this with my broken heart, but also with my reloaded heart, since so many times fell down but the same times I had to get up and start again. Honestly it feels like is never going to end which kills me in the head but there is hope as there is irony, so the only thing next I have in my pocket is that I will never give up. For now that’s my wonderful power.

So dear friend, hell yeah it hurts, hell yeah its difficult, hell yeah is insane. But despite all the features the player here is me I must not complain. I tell you Mr. G came back to this characteristic life, we are friends as we were before and that has its own charm.

I am okay with the most of the things that I thought I did not mind, and curiously not at  all with the things I was secure that were not going to cause me any trouble. So this switch killed me in the past, had a couple days and weeks that sent me to the ground and back, but hey! I see it better now, opening my eyes through shadows full of mist, going up and down, back and forward, no matter the direction as soon as you are walking, so yeah I found my mistakes, I am not a princess and this is not a castle, there is no knight to save me but my only soldier inside of me, isn’t that amazing? While everybody is fighting and claiming, I wish I could have a little of the freaking Mr. Cold freezing my bones in the middle of the night, since that way at least I knew I was feeling, also because there is hot here and plants that kill zombies while I talk in the middle of the war to the mysterious monster of this battle…

Then I laugh, how come am I not going to do it? When everything just flows as a crazy attack or as a very dramatic novel, it gets the no sense out of nowhere and starts to shoot with its own laser, too much virtual imagination lately, but hey, when you are dying you may think you are still alive when you win that shoot, or pass a level, or reload your life, when you find there is nothing or no one but just the devil, and seems somehow he isn’t that bad, he comes to talk to me in the middle of the night, he waits for me until I appear, I am not getting crazy, dear, devil is now my friend because even devil has its own charm, because actually devil is dual, so now I get my social life with him, we enjoy the laugh, the irony, we enjoy the cave, this place where we feel free.

So dear friend, do not worry about me, do not cry, and do not think too much. When you take away the freaking mind that kills your soul, then you get your soul to fly away.
I have been doing alright, how have you been doing then?

Coconut-skin, Jeopardizing here 

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