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miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Carta a un EXTRAÑO XIV (en inglés y español)

My Dear:

Power on my lips, decease is plugged into the skin, the evil on the eye that kills. Yes dear, I do not want trouble but I am just here. By the way: How have you been?

Dear, do not you hate when someone just believes he/she can win? I have never seen stupidity in the mind such like this! But quiet dear, quiet in my own ear, because if my mind speaks it might not stop until is heard, little precious proud is on my DNA. What else can I say? When you look at me, my friend, then you will see that I come with the truth besides truth is not coming with me, so I hate, dear friend, to see someone “believing” can be messing up with my head. Here it comes again, Mr. Whoever may think he is, Mr. Whoever: “take it on your label, I am so evil witch, I play the game and I always win, no matter if I had decided to leave and had already left, means I owe the word and the own fire on my breath”. Eyes that might, just with one look, kill, yes dear, this is my gift, damned power of misery, sometimes, yes when Mrs. Irony comes here, then I find out that, for the hell this power is, but some other times, my dear, I feel on the top of the hill, with my coconut skin, my eyes that kill, my hills, my hips, my lips that are red and are a sweet decease, so I say, just like the witch I am: “Hello, I live here” and then smile with malicious mystery.

This is me! A full crazy can of surprise and misery, I may feel sometimes the silly need of love, so I love one minute at the time, then if  it  is not worth, I do not love more, I take away the feeling with my iron hand, I go to sleep and then wake up, have no feelings because I might be this iron woman inside, does not matter if I am over protected, because I have my own soldier inside of me, working 24/7, even on holydays, I do not complain, if someone wants to come to play and may believe he can win, “dear someone, tell it to my soldier because you will have to fight against him”. There is no win, dear, no win when the mind is defeated by its own stupidity, the master mind always win, then guess why I am this freaking evil witch!

Mind crossing lines, lines of logic, lines of conduct, lines of normality, I am and not in here, dear, I feel my head is about to explode, but it is easy to see, the smile on my face, guilty smile when I win, I got the feeling, you know me dear, my hands are bloody with vanilla cream, that wrong combination has always been constructing ambitious inside of me, so now you see, it  has all the freaking sense to be, I am just the work of art of an evil angel who was Gods slave in fact, so exact so I lay between good and bad, hell and heaven sky, I can be the damned devil, but I also can be like God, not that much, because somehow just like Constantine I lower my look when it comes to Him, but besides that my point is, I am this intense mix, yes dear! I am such a cursed witch with sexy hips and sweet lips burning the desire on the middle of the rain, left just in there… What do you think then?

Please do not get scared, I am also an angel bombshell, full of grace and sparkling smile, have my thoughts in line, do not worry dear, I have come back to my sense of reality, because dear,   I am real! And so it is all this in me, poison on my skin, yes, do you feel?

I wanted to scare you a little bit, friend, so evil angel I am. I do not want to start a game with you, but you are here reading me, I had to make it dear, naughty feeling I have now built in here, but just for you and me, dear!

Will have to keep writing you later.

Coconut-skin, playing here.

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