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lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010


My Dear:

Mr. Cold has been taking the world, or at least this country hills, amazing cold in here, but at least, I am ready to face it! (Jump in with my big ironic smile in here).

I have been thinking lately dear, I may feel like I am in the middle of nowhere, or should it be, in the middle of something that I yet have not discovered? You know perfectly how Mrs. Irony is so I shut up, oh yes dear.

I have though and I have felt is in here, this feeling of mystery inside of me, I can be wrong but I feel I know that something is coming in, whatever it is dear, I have been losing for a while in here, it is time that Mrs. Irony leaves me alone or, at least, teaches me with love, which is, at the same time, not exactly like she is, Irony, Irony, why the hell you have put your eyes on me? Maybe later I will find it out, for now I smile to you Irony, you can always battle me.

Oh Dear! I cannot yet understand a thing! I cannot lie, I feel sad, where should I go? what should I do? When? I have no place for me or for Fifi out there and that is certainly what kills the most, I tell you this with my naked soul in fire, again, I am so tired of the game, the one Mrs. Irony plays with me, I can believe I am so important for Mrs. Irony, but not... but I will learn, that is all I know for now. I get up, clean my face, take all this I am, take Fifi while she is still sleeping and leave this place, can you tell me dear, why this has become so hard, why it feels like is killing me? You know that I cannot lose more time in this stupidity, this is taking my life, my passion, far away from me.

I am so tired of fights, just want this to go away, I lose my words, I spend tears with no sense at all,things with no sense are even senseless than anything else.

But... Hey dear! I may be looking at you with fear, or, maybe is just that I want so bad to look at your face indeed? What can I say! Cold days and rainy days have gone away, yes, it took me more than I thought just to write this single letter to you, sun has come, fights have been raised up, North occupancy, yeah... Oh Lord! 

But do not want to get into politics right now, you know that I talk a lot but about what is in the human soul, life, love, irony... not in command, since this is just revenge of a poor town's government in flames, sure less I have to speak then... What has been up to you, my lovely friend? Have you meet anyone lately? I have but have not at the same time. Weird you might think, awkward you might say, and you are totally right in all the ways but I have not been surprised yet, hope is still in my veins, which at the same time, keeps me alive.

Black is on the eye, black is on the eyelid, strawberry is on my lips, I have been waiting for this trip, traveling into these dreams, hoping they become more than the fantasy inside of me, outside of me, deep embedded in my reality, please oh please, dear God, do not forget I also live here! (I know you will not).

So I have come apart, working hard, riding my bike, visualizing where I want to be, moving my legs so fast here, is it getting harder? You, my friend is asking, well it is  hard and it kills, you may feel like you cannot keep moving but is just a physical trick in your  mind, if you are riding with your blood there is no obstacle hard enough.

I will be reaching my expected spot soon, you WILL see!

Take my hand stranger, move with me!

Coconut-skin, working hard here.

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