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miércoles, 8 de diciembre de 2010

Carta a un EXTRAÑO XX (en inglés y español)

My Dear:

Stranger or not stranger, the road is empty and I am so confused. Ended up twisting my mind too. How come? You can say or not, then I just tell you that I feel so fucking alone. I do not know if I am mad because of this condition to be, sinner or not sinner, I am in the hell and in the paradise I will always remain here, in the middle of this nightmare that has become to be my fantasy, do you get it? Dear?

Words have gone away so please bring some, I am not exactly that all alone, I wish I could explain better, you have to look into my eyes to understand it, I am burning and have no home, trying to build one again, but, again a damned but, I am not running alone, I should have known this from the beginning of this blessing that the price to pay for it was going to be amazing, sometimes we are stubborn, boy, because I have always known that you are a boy.

So I remain in here, here is whatever it is, I am no longer even sure, though I remain here. My soul has left my body, here is nobody who wants just to bring me air, or maybe there is someone closer but hell, I am so witch, Griel is far away, this pain kills, I thought I could never understand, or maybe, meet, then just one or two days, I have come to know the essential gift that was brought into my world of misery, how would you explain what you cannot explain? Yes dear, if its you or someone else, or maybe both of you are the same, or even is not just two and you are more, twisting my mind I talk like a freak in the circle of the hell where the cold gets confused with the hot, I told you I am just burning, I cannot recognize the enemy or is the enemy in front of  me? Yeah, there, right there where the mirror shows who I am...

I am coming home, but there is no home for me, agony damned it! It burns me, hate it! Irony you see me crying when you gave me my precious ring of power and death, I come to life I live to die, you might not get it or maybe you do, who ever knows! I never know, little prince always walked alone, so loneliness must be a good friend after all.

Do not worry dear, I am a strong girl, I always punish  myself for my mistakes, if I have or not a home, I will remain on my way, I have faith and I will do whatever it takes. I know you may be thinking now about this soul that looks to me so close, I will not talk until I have it at my new home, so really, though whatever, I am actually coming home...

Tell the world, my baggy mind friend, no matter who is there or  who I am, I have never felt this energy in my veins. I smile to irony because even if she is not my friend, I will make her battle me as hell, I will show her who and how I am, -hey Mrs. Irony? I am not longer afraid, you may hurt me but all this pain is just a vague illusion, my body may be tired but my soul is already flying...- South here I go, southern boy you are already coming on, am I just smiling because I simply know? You tell me stranger boy.

So whatever it takes I am more than ready and I will make it better, am I sure? I am almost crazy. Am I jumping into the emptiness? Then emptiness owes me more than ever.

Please, look at me, I am the darkness with the cold and the bad weather, the bad habit the exception to the rules, your intuition, your happiness, I can be all you were looking for, stranger, or I can just get lost and not be anything or anyone ever.

I have fire, I am burning, Look my magic, I will make this happen, you will see, stranger.

I will kill a bit of this monster in the bicycle later.

Take care...

Coconut-skin, freaking here

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