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viernes, 25 de febrero de 2011

Carta a un EXTRAÑO XXIV (en inglés y español)

Dear stranger, dear friend:

My dear my dear, the more I go deeper the more I understand and I swear, I can hate and love Mrs. Irony so freaking well and there are minutes, pretty short minutes in which I can understand it all, all in all its ways  and you know what? It is intoxicatingly amazing. 

I know my dear, I must be insane, so far I have gone to stay away, so far and always so close, I initiate my departure and I always return, I come closer than I begun, I may have no sense at all, but sense is there where you less expect. 

I am sorry I am always writing you in this crazy ways, I was ready this time, but was not expecting it, I have been wearing my heals I have put my makeup and got it clean, every day like a routine.  I may not understand it all, but something is for sure, I can feel it, each time that is coming with something, each time Mrs. Irony claps her very fancy heals with the floor, hits the sense and hits me all. Feel is to feel and then when is just happening I know I got it on my own.

So yes, I am laughing to die today, you know why exactly? Because each time I come to understand that death does not exist, I embrace myself, I am raised to heaven and I smile because I am here feeling this intense immortality.

So listen to me, please oh please, there are no buts in here, there is no more G or J, there is nothing to understand, keep the silence in your right hand my friend, keep believing and you will find your way, keep breathing to stay alive, keep the power on your left hand because if the enemy attacks he might check first your right hand, remember remember, assumption is their mistake, remember remember, the hell was on November, remember remember I need no Vendetta, nothing was done to me but just to make me feel, but just to make me believe, but just to make me stronger, but just to raise myself to eternity as well.

Oh dear, you might not understand by this moment, I am on my own I finally found out I am never alone despite whatever my head wants to let me know, let it go, Irony will be always coming and going, but more interesting showing, showing you what you must see even when your mind only sees what it wants to see.

So dear, I am full of grace, I am full of eternity, I am truly madly and deeply here but there is one thing, I came in for a reason, there is more than just one mission, I may not know every single thing, what agony and misery have left for me, but my eyes are not getting wet in fact are getting clear, I see the water is in peace, I see the storm is not with me, I feel the wind took away the fear, the loneliness never exists, I have one thousand secrets to reveal and certain magic melted in my skin.

So I raise my hand to heaven and say it very clear: I am here, the hell I am here, I feel, the paradise inside of me, I smile, the power of a smile when it comes from your heart and finally I see, at the end of the road the new beginning awaiting me.

I have it dear, the power of the mountains, the power of the secrets, the mystery, the words that are in me, the energy in this nature and my nature to fly to the infinite, far away and beyond, the smell on the floor, the hope knocking the door, the intense feeling turning the complex life into something simpler, my rings and my filters, my sunglasses, my fingers, the cold in the lonely existential sorrow, the whisper when the silence burns in your emotions, the flirt that rebuilds your heart motion, the uninterrupted sublime attraction , the poison on your actions, the red lips and the red carpet, the multicolor sunset, the undeniable strength to make you feel awake and always ready to stay, to remain invincible, to keep walking, to keep fighting, to dream while you have your eyes open and someone in front of you making everything looks less dark, less hard, simpler, kissable, delicious and smarter.

So really dear friend to enjoy the show of your life you must stay awake, invite Irony to get a coffee before is too late or she might not want to ever leave your ways.

Do not ever forget to stay wide opened to learn to leave the pain to battle to play to win to stay.

Coconut-skin, embracing the moment here

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