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jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

Eternity Awaits

Fear is cold
I feel the air is condense
I am no longer frozen in this earth
the land that gave my breath
I feel it from the horizon
have my weapons on
in my skin awaits the lord
I can feel your cruelty
but I am no longer alone
I know the hate embraces you
I feel sorry you are gone
one time we raised our hands
together made promises
if something went wrong
with you
my dear soul mate
then there are flames everywhere
I feel its burning
but I am standing
I am not falling
I extended my hand to you
but hate is too human
to let it go for you
illusions come and go
mind is twisted
all my principles were mixed
but I am standing
I kept walking
eternity awaits
want to go with me?
You can walk here
but I can’t stop
no longer in the pain
your eyes are red
melted in the rain
my love was in the mirror
you said it before
when it gets harder
you must be up
I am just walking
and I really can walk alone
Redemption is there
where eternity awaits
the light is guiding me
you can come with me
only if you raise yourself
Please forgive me
eternity awaits
I'm no longer attached
I kept walking as I flashed
my fantasy is on the floor
I am not sleeping
this is not a dream
either a nightmare
this is me awaiting
this is me fighting
my redemption is coming
eternity awaits
Hate is on your veins
but my love is not in vane
if you want you will find me
where eternity awaits

Ana Lía Casvar

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