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miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Charm Hunter

Because I give you
only what I want
but I promise not to leave you
alone in this land

For every tear misplaced
in the dark of loneliness
I scream to heaven for this miss-pair
why I did not find you closer to my face

So set me free
let me go to heaven
let me fall to hell
let me raise my hand
let me be your girl
let you be my man

Put your hands together
let me have the pieces forever
stretch your thoughts with mine
be the tequila and be the wine

Keep smelling
cause the time is breaking
be my all
put me against the wall
rebuild the fantasy
freeze my skin
be nothing
be everything

Be the air
that takes my breath away
and the whisper
that melts me in
get me back to your thing
put the bricks
update me
make I’m yours
with no choice
of something else
moan in my face
set me free
but free with me...

Ana Lía Casvar

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