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lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


Brown eyes condensed
Reach red lips immersed
can you tell me, horrible witch
what did you do to kill this bit?
Whispered hate comes to get in my skin
Tell me witch what you did
Did you raise your poison into him?
Did you raise his will to kill?
Have you make the bitch returns to grave his will?
I have no thoughts of anything else
I remain quiet in this hell
I cried and screamed a lot in public ways
Now I punish myself...

Oh Fulvia you are far away
Skull of tears you are yet
my friend my nightmare
I dream you are okay
Since I am not at all
I blame myself dear Fulvia
I blame me for this fall
I wish the logic could not leave me
I have attached the paranoia inside of me

Has always been me
I know and I say this with tears
Dear witch of dark loneliness
Do you hate me this much or
for real, this is all I just deserve?
I see him walking away with no sense
I want to embrace him
just to hold his hand again
He is becoming mythical
close to me but far away in distance
He is lost
I simply wanted to find him
What a curse!
What curse was put into our destiny?
Why the cruelty had to take our infinity?
Now I just have a paper
A baby
and pain
I wish I can close my eyes
and just forget
I wish I could erase
all these marks
from my blanket
But I recall his smile in the wind
of my memories
And you know what?
Not even my most powerful desire
can make that smile does not look happy
Then here I find myself
Alone and waiting for nobody
Thinking instead
Feeling how I am not well
Dear Fulvia
He was afraid of you
Did not you tell him something bad? Did you?
If I could only understand
but I keep praying for a miracle
Should I keep fighting witch?
Should I take me to the end?
Should I remain?
Should I leave?
Should I stay?
Should I kill what I am feeling?
just to keep myself alive
just to force me to be awake.
I am dying then to rebuild my essence
I may born once again.

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