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martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Carta a un EXTRAÑO XXV


I come today like never did before. I find myself smiling boy! So no matter what i do not even want to make it faster so lets do it slow!!

I find no more red carpets or poker games, no lovers no others but just the same: me... and my girl. I found out God is covering my face and embracing me, took me out of the hell, he is holding me against.

 So put it on the floor since I no longer need reasons or blame. I smile and keep smiling like never did before and it feels so well. I reached the place where I belong, where I am standing alone. I am just starting but hey stranger!: Here I go!

You might not get my emblematic craziness, I know I have no weakness I am just insane enough. All my twisted thoughts come and go but dear friend, dear boy: is not this what I was looking for? 

I have Mr. Peace back knocking on my door, my principles are showing me this I am is deeper and beyond. 

-Take me to where I belong- Said so many times and so many times just kept awaiting for, I have no strings anymore, I ran with Fifi, we are now free to go.

Dear stranger, DJ of my soul, I made you cry each time I cried alone, I bought new heels now I am more than ready to go, I have no packs, no misery trying to burn my soul, the agony left without a note, I am here dear, standing but walking for the two of us.

I am dancing. I am smiling. I see you close to me laughing. I let you do it. I say it right. I am not in panic. I am just relaxed.

I  know dear and also God knows. I closed my eyes and just believed as much as I could to simply let go.

If I am blowing you, you are floating because I was made to do it though. Friend do not forget I am the witch in this land of hell I just came in to solve it so please stay awake.

I whisper you now -put the shame on the floor-. I love the way you use to save my soul. Please Oh dear, just bring it on!

It is late now dear, I must go to bed, right now right on.

Coconut-skin, melting here.

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