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lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

Not in-Sanity

I need to be free
I need to fly away
I need to run
I need to stay
I need the silence
to come out of my sense
I need the screams
to take me out to dance
I need the pleasure
of being lonely
I need the gesture
in front of me
I need the craziness
to call me
and the logic
to never hide
through my skin in panic
with my weakness
I need to talk
but though to stay quiet
I need to stop crying
I need to let go
I need God to tell me
what the hell is wrong
or the devil to come and get me
to finally burn my soul
I have no sense at all
I just remain trying to find my missed call
I look up in the air
I keep trying to find my place
I look in the floor
in the bright eyes of the sweetest lady
I call her my baby
But though
I keep missing something
Something that I do not know
Madness gets me
Blowing it all
I close my eyes
I put my hands on my ears
I repeat constantly
"Please forgive me"
I find no replies
Not even lies
I just lay
I just close my eyes
And my ears
until sanity
comes and finds me...

Ana Lía Casvar

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