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lunes, 20 de junio de 2011


Is enough dude
Now is my time
You have no clue?
I feel the fever inside
I need to embrace my self
I need to extend
there is no longer space
for you in here
I have become my own king
I am not at your feet
I have no master but me
You don't even deserve my hate
Since I came one day
by my own
But I have left
Came back as a regret
I was so blind then
But today it is all clear
I have found out
I can smile even in this hell
just because you are the one going away
Your kingdom is over
you are the one who lost
I could not believe this was so simple
Until I got here to tinkle
to whisper
to sit in my chair
to have my soldiers take you out there
and mainly just to know that everything is OKAY
I exile you for ever
Don't you ever
come to me again
There is no hate
either love
so there is no sense
for you to stop.
Simply go.

Ana Lía Casvar

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