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viernes, 10 de junio de 2011


I just want to say
Hell I have to tell
My time here is ending
Though I am not ending
I will be raised
Is just my time as human
I am sorry to have written this so unblessed
you might not understand
a thing
but it’s okay
I have to say
I have a couple of arms
that cannot be touched
I have battled my wars
I am no longer worst
But need to resist this end
I want to tell you
do not be sad please
I have already been burned
I have no fears
Sadness has gone
far away
If you see any tears
are just for leaving this hell
I left behind the tree
some story to be told
a truth to hold
a smile
a face
some words
some despair
I swear
I feel the embracing hot
boiling my veins
Look at me, look this face
we are deeper and intense
but this body needs to go away
if you want to come with me
you need to feel it this way
Dreams and illusions
are roughing up our visions
Open  your eyes
the ones you use
to guide yourself
in the coldest darkness
those are your light
When agony and misery
do their parts
maybe you don’t believe
you don’t need to believe me
just find it there
at your chest
right there in your holy whisper
when your soul finally rests.

Ana Lía Casvar

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