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lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011


(Though this is not the way it is)
I feel we are enemies
Confronting each others runaway
being such an obstacle of our own beliefs
This is awful
even in our own beauty
even in our own shine
Even when we were one
we became two
aggressively killing each other to retrieve to ourselves
this is not the way it has to be
but who am I?
laying just in here
Feeling how is dying
I only want to cry
though I am not crying
I just want you to be happy
see it your eyes
and feel it from your heart
Warm and cozy
like is meant to be
but for some reason we lost it
I just cant fix the world for you as much as you cant fix mine
but we used to share so much
a couple of words and a glass of wine
oh my beloved middle
we ran into mitosis
and then is killing this psychosis
what is ahead?
might be the life lying in our bed.

Ana Lía Casvar

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