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viernes, 27 de abril de 2012


You are half
half way in the middle of my way
half air to share
half breath
when you are taking it away from me
when I am taking it away from you
Is always half
half me in the last decades
half sky when you take me to the space
half past that was sweet present
half my eyes, half my soul, half us perfect
and my hands that find your warm in the night
you are half, half right
half the world I started to know
half the love that started to grow
half the universe I discovered with this fusion
half the storm we started in conjunction
We are half’s that complete.
May sound to words that interfere
but you are wrong
cause here
are more than that  spelling around
But this is among
The two half’s that we have become
two half’s are nothing alone
But just like an incomplete love song

Ana Lía Casvar

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