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viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Bring me something new

So I say this, I don't want your dick
your stupidity overflows my head
give me something that I can't get anywhere else
give me quality, awesomeness
bring me life
build my new conceptions
show me I've been so wrong all this time
and let me flow in the eternity 
that is just plasma in your eyes
let your touch trespasses this world
drive me to the door 
capture the dimensions in a glass
let me be in every star
breaking rules among the times
creating the universe that my thoughts have designed
join me in the adventure
let's just feel the ocean in our veins
let the energy drown the blames
and just feel, experience the fire of the sun
the 1000 words that I don't have to say
and let's just run
Run fast, fast, run away
vibrating, transforming, becoming 
being art, bringing something new, 
some new version of our selves.

Ana Lía Casvar

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