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lunes, 3 de agosto de 2015


Whispering in the clouds like a love and seductive sorrow
Soft and cold and warm, surrounding the skin,
Happening slow and far, here with the storm that follows
And of course, the vivid magic, the brave ocean in between

I breathe again,
From the deep dark bio-electric universe of my veins
And feel my hot blood corroding my being, my senses
Beautiful life in every second of tripped and adventured cells
My now, my wonderful never-land, my today

I also feel the pain that became full glory of gratitude
Shinning golden light that warms your bones and flesh
And keeps you so protected and safe
Right in the smooth vibration of entire harmony.

Awaking, starting my life in every life,
Every time I open each one of my eyes
My mind, my body, my being,
Crossing multidimensional spaces, re birthing

My whispering of life, screams at night
Pain and Love in a fusion
Infinitive illusion
Comes alive.

Ana Lía Casvar
July 31st, 2015

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