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martes, 23 de febrero de 2016

Addicted to BE

How beautiful is to feel peace
To wave in freedom and love
To exist
To be the twilight star dust
Raising from and through the universe
Like nascent warm in my both hands, transparent trust.

How amazing is to flow aware and connected
Recognizing the magical reality of NOW
The multiple flashlights in the space ejected
Like energy in our bodies melted
Lava sculpting our beings
All is calm and fight, it ends and begins.

How heavy this body feels
Someday will need to disappear…

How profound the vibrations travel to my ears
How light I start to be
Our dancing bodies moving across the feet
To this existence’s rhythm of the day and night.

How powerful is to be alive!
Death bodies coming to the fire
Stretched smiles for long time
Finding place to shine
In the mystery world where we combine
The different sensations
Along with all of our dimensions
Exploiting in pure life
Consummating our bloody wine.

We are connected with delicate harmony
So we can transform into each other, more than partners
We are in the same spot learning how to fly
We are transcending, consuming energy
Emerging from and to all forms and vibes.

Ana Lía Casvar
Feb. 2016

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