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viernes, 27 de agosto de 2010

Can it be?

Can it be?
For sure... can it be?

Can it be a song whispered into my ear?
laughters touching me in the wind
the cold coming out on tears...

Can it be simply you?
You breathing on my fantasy
your eyes spelled in the deep ocean
your eyes following me 
your eyes just for one more chance
then your smile taking me out for dance...

Can it be?
Can it be, babe?
That you love me 
just for one more day
just for one more hour
and just for one more game?

Can we be here just for one more night?
Can you look at me with shinning eyes?
Can  you touch my face like you did the first time?
And can you tell that everything is going to be fine?

Can I miss you also in my dreams?
Can I wake up early in the morning wishing you be here?
Can my lips feel same love and fear?

Now, may I keep silent?
or should I tell you this in private?
Yes, I love you
with my soul in flames
and there is no rain
that can cry more than my brain
with this feeling of no sense
when you are simply far away...

Ana Lía Casvar 

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