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jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Carta a un EXTRAÑO XVII (en inglés y español)

My Dear:

I am speechless in this freaking dream! I really need to let this goes, if only I could but hell in paradise, I am just alone.

Broken promises, no shame and no regret, the feeling inside is death, I, again, low my eyes to look the floor, yes dear, God is looking at me, He sees me crying because this is so much worse shame, you know.

I ran out of excuses... I have no more reasons to go on, his direction, friend, got lost, lost sense and now is gone. You may ask what to believe now? I ask the same silently to myself, dear, have no answers, I just try to let this goes so far away in this world.

I will not give up dear, my dear, you and I smile in here, there is certain magic in my soul in fire, you have been knowing me, very well my friend, you feel exactly who I am and that condition only makes that nothing else matters.

I started this letters quiet little ago; I remembered I said I just wanted to wait for what Mrs. Irony had left for me, and Oh God! She brought that up! Well, as you had understood, it took only a month to let her show me what she got, red carpets no longer in the show, no red kisses, no hot whispers, the only truth here is that I am yet alone, Mr. G came and then wanted to go, I felt quiet bad dear, I cannot lie if you look my naked soul in here, but must say that this is exactly what I had to learn, I am still placed in this spot, but now seems is not the same spot after all, sometimes I am yet not dressed up for the occasion, some other times I am full of my fancy cloth, fancy on top, lips shinning and so my soul. 

There is nothing else on my pockets, but I have learned how to refill them, have to say in here that is not easy, but hey! dear stranger not longer stranger! Are not we here just to accomplish our reason to live? I am at least, I never know what is coming next, but Mrs. Hope is yet my friend, Mr. Cold may be also here, comes and goes in agony, he is certainly quiet alone so I like to be his company. Nothing else matters dear, I am strong enough, thank God.

So considering all this that have come in a month, considering poor Mr. G karma will kill him with no pity at all, considering I just can smile now when Mrs. Irony shows me she is coming strong, considering I can only low my eyes when heaven is in a electrical storm, considering, dear, that I came one day to write a letter, now I have come to find myself  in this curious reality, I simply cannot stop writing, you have become like my soul mate, secrets come and go in this matter.

I have my will impregnated in my veins, the world is out there and so is the devils cavern, this is holding heavy in our minds, I may be getting crazy enough to laugh when I suppose to cry, but is not this what Irony wants to teach me? Even in the worst feeling there is the funny part that always teaches us: this is so funny and nothing else matters so why not to laugh?

Yes dear, I do not know if is in this particular moments when I suppose to talk or stay quiet, do you feel it? This is the big conspiracy Mrs. Irony brings with her sense, she is not that evil, well, fine she is damned evil but the reason inside is to kill our wrong beliefs and make us break the sunset again like we were born once again in this world taking down this hell to bring whatever else.

Yes dear, I do not know anything, I am a truth hunter, I am not giving up.

You may want to know what happened to Mr. G. Now I just can say he is so lost despite he thinks he is not, Mrs. Irony will teach him sooner or later, I just know. Remember dear, I am so witch that I love the most to be as much as I hate it too, but no matter if I love it or hate it, I am just a witch in this world, and this universe conspiracy is to make me be this witch as much. When the mystery is too big, is not possible to say no, remember, our Little Prince words...

Now I must go, another time will come, you know dear, sometimes I feel like I cannot live without you. Is not that funny? I have discovered that friends were where you less thought.

Love you dear friend!
Again, take care.

Coconut-skin, loving myself in here.

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