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viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Carta a un Extraño XXVII / Letter to a Stranger XXVII

Dear Stranger:

It has been almost a year since my last letter. I am sorry for this, times have been weird. It was needed just because pain is the best teacher. So here I come today as I came in one day like two years ago. Am I now waiting for a miracle? Not that, not anymore. I now know a couple things, just a few more than before. This is probably a long path but I no longer feel alone.

So here I am, my friend, my dear, besides I remember those days of penalty, let me be as much honest as I can be and just say I do not know nothing but less I did. About every single thing of life I was deeply wrong, the things that mattered the most and that I used to know, by then I decided to have forgotten. I distaste yet the stupid person I was before.

But what can hate do in me than just to kill me more? I cannot keep dying and then arriving once more.

I cannot let myself to be this child, the silly child that denies to grow up and to go on. So here is my lesson: I am still dealing somehow with the consequences. I lost all sense of everything. I was in pain even cried so much like never in my whole life I thought. But here is what I got: I survived, since life, the sun, the stars; everything rises from deep each damned darkness to shine even more. Like never seen. Like never felt.  Like never imagined or thought.

So my dear, here is a cliché advice for you: Always do according to your heart because when your head tells you that he is wrong is exactly when you should listen to him the most. Stop thinking that much; your mind is as great as it can be the worst. And keep your courage to smile even though. Pain is an illusion as are the most things in this world.

Kisses and flow!

Coconut girl,
A little grown up

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